Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Winners of Big Brother 8. Only in America.

The Big Brother Show is cool but I'm cooler cuz I make fun of the people that go on it. So how do you like the new pic's?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So there I am on facebook. I see that they have foto flexer so I tried it out. Let me tell you one thing. People, even if they are your so called friends do not like it if you screw with there picture. But yet if you screw with a celebs pic, you will remain friends with people who can't take a joke!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Uncle Mickey's Weiner Water Soup

Purchase a pack of weiners. Boil in water. Throw weiners in the garbage, save water. Cut up potatoes, put in weiner water. Bring to a boil. Walla, you have Weiner Water Soup.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bold Move By Bush.

In a bold attempt by the American Government to end terrorism, they are putting up for bid Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Lincoln Memorial,
The 555-foot-tall Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell and many other American treasures. The reason behind this is that they can drain the bank accounts of those that have been funding terrorist cells for years and if you own it you will not bomb it. But the Canadians have launched a campaign to buy the Statue of Liberty. When asked why? Their response was we would like to bring her to the province of Saskatchewan for two years to boost tourism in the region. Then she will be returned. A Canadian farmer by the name of Doug Dale has already offered his 40,000 acres farm to place her in free of charge. He said he wanted to get out of farming. It’s been me and this field for 48 years and it would be nice to have a woman around even if I have to share her. The money raised aprox 300+ billion dollars in total sales, 2% of that will be ear marked for the soldiers over sea as they are in desperate need of personal equipment that will keep them safe while out on patrol .The things we do in desperate times! Where's Micheal Moore when you need him?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Helpful Links

http://www.facebook.com/ a nice place to meet your friends and see what's going on around you.http://rotten.com/ An archive of disturbing illustrationhttp://www.canadaka.net/index.php a Canadian web site that I like. More like the only Canadian web site that I like. lolhttp://www.dlldump.com/ the largest collection of dll files available on the internet. Each and every file on this site is available for free download without any personal information required from you, the visitor.http://www.autogramy.cz/moje/zahranicni_herecky/zahranicni_herecky_cz.htm a very large collection of autographed pictures of women who made it on the silver screen. does take a bit to load if on dial uphttp://www.geocities.com/~sewntell/index.html a little sew 'n tell for the ladieshttp://plans.the3house.com/index.php free woodworking plans for the boyshttp://www.download.com/ a safe place to download softwarehttp://www.blackviper.com/index.html either you like him or hate him, he knows a thing or to about computershttp://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/index.html I need this site more than anyone herehttp://translation.langenberg.com/ think there talking about you in another language. you can translate 25 words at a timehttp://www.actden.com/oe/index.htm outlook express in the classroom. GO TEACHERS!!!http://www.infoplease.com/index.html a must have in anybody's favouriteshttp://www.free-online-novels.com/ read 4 free I love ithttp://www.soyouwanna.com/ teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school.http://www.castlecops.com/ We Will Not Be Silenced Because Security Is Everythinghttp://www.freelegalmusic.net/ Artists are increasingly using the web as a medium to gain exposure and this site is here to add support, typically linking to their websites and music. A wide range of music genres are covered to cater for all tastes and currently listed in 12 generic categories.http://pollstar.com/home.pl concert search, sorry no Elvis concerts foundhttp://www.badgeaddicts.com/freetokens.html 400,000 + tokens, worked as of June 16th/07http://www.audiocomedy.net/songs/index.shtmlThis is an index of the funniest songs and song parodies that have been sent into us. the hilarious songs on this page are in MP3 format and can be downloaded to your computer.http://www.consumptionjunction.com/home.asp XXX only sickos like me go here for a laugh. you have been warned!